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Weed Products available for Sale in Canada

Below are the products you can buy on bulkweedstore.com while in Canada. It ranges from high-quality top-shelf weed buds to cannabis extract, edibles, and prerolls. Branded and non-branded Vape Pen cartridges are also available.

Mixed Cannabis Products Available in Canadian Dispensaries

OG Kush



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How to Buy Marijuana in Canada Online

Follow these steps to know how to buy marijuana online.
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Finding a Dispensary Source

The first step in ordering marijuana online in Canada is to find a source. A marijuana source can be a bulkweedstore.com, a legit Canadian dispensary, a weed delivery service, or more. In this case, you are lucky since you are already on Bulkweedstore. Bulkweedstore is the most reputable Legit Marijuana Shop in Canada.  We deal with all 10 provinces in Canada and beyond. We are trustworthy with a 100% success rate in delivery.


Placing Your Order

To place an order online, you just have to go to bulkweedstore.com/shop or choose any category and choose the product(s) that you desire to order, once that is done, add to the cart, and proceed to checkout, enter your delivery information, and choose your payment method. The payment methods available at the checkout are the only payment methods we accept. We are 100% discreet, confidential, transparent, and reliable.


Payment and Delivery

We accept a few payment methods on the checkout page, choose one and complete the payment. We can ship to all 10 provinces of Canada from the same day to 48 hours, shipping and delivery. We package perfectly and we ship discreetly. We deliver straight to your doorstep all days of the week. We use the fastest shipping services and delivery is always prompt and sure. You won’t find another like us!

Canadian Dispensaries

Buying marijuana in the Different provinces of Canada

This is how long it will take for your package to be delivered to your doorstep whether you are buying top-shelf recreational weed pounds, vape pen oil cartridges, wax, shatter crumble, or bulk weed THC distillates. Bulkweedstore is the best Canada Dispensary with shipping to all 10 provinces as listed below.


Weed delivery in Alberta can be done overnight.

British Columbia

Same Day Delivery is available for British Columbia.


Buy Weed in Manitoba, delivery is the same day.

New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, delivery is made within 8 hours.

New Brunswick

Buy pot in Sacramento, get it delivered on the same day.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Weed delivery in Newfoundland and Labrador can be done on the same day.

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories enjoy fast same-day weed delivery

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, order Kush and get it the same day.


It’s easy to get bulk weed in Nunavut in hours.


Weed in Ontario is delivered fast. Same day.

Prince Edward Island

Buy pot in Prince Edward Island, get it delivered on the same day.


Weed Delivery in Quebec can be done on the same day.

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These are the wholesale packages we have available, to see more, go to the bulk deal category page.

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Buy wholesale vape pen cartridges online on a Mail-Order Marijuana we have multiple brands, wholesale, and retail.

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We have many different forms and flavors of marijuana extracts available for sale on bulkweedstore.com. You can buy in bulk or retail, click below to see full deals on concentrates. Legit Vape Pen Cartridges  dispensary in Canada.

Pre-rolls, Joints and Blunts for sale Canada

Moon Rock Prerolls




Lowell Smokes Prerolls


Higgs Prerolls


Where can I buy Marijuana in Canada?

Sales of legal adult-use cannabis reached an all-time high in Canada in 2020 at a value of 2.6 billion Canadian dollars. Recreational use sales began in October of 2018 and totaled 152 million Canadian dollars in that year. The best place to buy marijuana online in Canada is on bulkweedstore.com

As of legalization day, only oils, seeds, flowers, and marijuana plants themselves were available. Edibles concentrates, and other related products were rolled out later, in 2019. Still, other products that have been in development, including creams and cosmetic products, are still restricted by regulations in Canada.



What Marijuana Products Can I buy in Canada?

Ever since marijuana legalization, these are the marijuana products that you can buy freely in Canada. All the products listed below can be found on bulkweedstore.com

Buying Dried Cannabis Canada

Once cannabis flowers have bloomed, they’re harvested, trimmed, dried, and cured. The most common method of curing is hanging the branches upside down after harvest, so the THC runs down the buds and collects at the tips. When the curing process is done, the result is dried cannabis. Dry flower refers to plant matter that has been cured and dried and is ready to smoke

Buying Fresh Cannabis Canada

Raw flower, on the other hand, is undried and unheated. Health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs call it a superfood. Fresh buds are full of water and chlorophyll. This is the blood and plasma flowing through the veins. If you try to smoke a fresh bud, you would definitely be disappointed, as the weed nugs will not smoke.

Buying Cannabis oil Canada

Cannabis oil is also known as hash oil or honey oil. Cannabis oils are extracts from cannabis plants. are created by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD from cannabis plants. Most oils you find at a dispensary are created by a process called “chemical extraction.” These methods use a solvent to extract cannabinoids along with other beneficial compounds like terpenes.

Buying Cannabis plant seeds Canada

Cannabis Seeds carry genetic information from two-parent plants and can express many different combinations of traits:

Auto-flowering seeds are a product of genetic manipulation, as well, but their goal is different: by cross-breeding various cannabis strains with cannabis ruderalis strains, breeders have been able to create cannabis strains that automatically flower after only three weeks.

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that are genetically altered so that they produce female plants in at least 97% of the cases.

Regular seeds are seeds that have almost equal chances of becoming a male or a female plant.

Buying Cannabis plants in Canada

Basically, a clone is a little piece of plant that has been cut off (a “cutting”) from a parent plant and then given the opportunity to make roots of its own.

Cannabis clones are cuttings from a marijuana plant – these cuttings make roots of their own and grow into an identical plant as the “mother!”


When Was Weed Sales Legalized in Canada?

The Government of Canada legalized regulated and restricted access to cannabis on October 17, 2018. Cannabis was originally prohibited in 1923 until regulated medical cannabis became legal on 30 July 2001. In response to popular opinion, the legislation to legalize cannabis for recreational use Cannabis Act, Bill C-45 was passed by the House of Commons of Canada on 27 November 2017. It passed the second reading in the Senate of Canada on 22 March 2018. On 18 June 2018, the House passed the bill with most, but not all, of the Senate’s amendments. The Senate accepted this version of the Act the following day.


How Does Marijuana Online Purchase and Delivery Work?

All provinces and territories offer online cannabis sales where you can have it delivered to your hotel or home or any location where you find yourself. There are many online weed shops in Canada where you can order any weed product you desire. For example, shipping and delivery with Bulkweedstore take 1 to 3 days. There is also a same-day delivery option available for different states.