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Are you in California looking for a smart wholesale weed delivery Are you out of state but need Cali quality marijuana? Are you looking for the best dispensary in California who sell recreational marijuana in bulk? Are you looking for some top-shelf Cali weed with instant worldwide shipping? Be rest assured that you are in the right place.
Easy Step to Order Weed in Cali

How to Buy Cannabis in California

Since you are lucky enough to have found bulkweedstore.com somehow, the rest of the procedure to buy weed in Cali is easy from here. Getting a reliable trust plug is always the most difficult thing to do when looking to purchase pot products or extract in California. Cannabis in California has been legal for medical use since 1996, and for recreational use since late 2016. So most people do not worry about the legal implications like with other states. Follow these steps to get weed in California discreetly and easily.

Finding a Weed Plug

The most difficult part of buying weed in Cali is finding a reliable medical marijuana supplier. There are many suppliers in California but for someone who is a stranger to Cali, it will be difficult to get around. Now that you have been lucky enough to find bulkweedstore.com, you do not have to worry about this step anymore. Follow the button to shop


Submit Your Order

We have a variety of products available on our shop menu, ranging from top-shelf flower buds, pure marijuana extracts, medical and recreational purposes, THC vape pen cartridges, and many more. Choose the product(s), Add to cart, proceed to checkout and choose a payment method. Click the button below to see more on the rules of dealing.


Payment and Delivery

Complete your order by making the payment for the package you chose. We have a couple of payment methods accepted here, you can find them on the checkout page. We have discreet payment method to keep you discreet, safe, and anonymous. Delivery within California is the same day or overnight. The Delivery is dropped off or Mailed.

Delivery Per City

Buying Marijuana for the Different Cities in California

This is how long it will take for you to order and get your medical marijuana delivered depending on the City in which you are located. Whether you are looking to buy wholesale weed, recreational weed, top-shelf weed, or extracts, the delivery is based on location. Below is the list of locations where you can get same-day delivery. Elsewhere, the delivery is made overnight.

Los Angeles

Weed delivery in Los Angeles Can be done the same day.

San Francisco

Same Day Delivery is available for San Francisco.

San Diego

Buy Weed in San Diego, delivery is the same day.

San Jose

In San Jose, delivery is made within 8 hours.


Buy pot in Sacramento, get it delivered on the same day.


Weed delivery in Oakland can be done the same day.


Berkeley enjoy fast same-day weed delivery


In Fremont, order Kush and get it the same day.

Santa Ana

It’s easy to get bulk weed in Santa Ana in hours.

Palm Spring

Weed in Palm Spring is delivered fast. Same day.


Buy pot in Glendale, get it delivered on the same day.


Weed Delivery in Calabasas can be done the same day.

Buy Bulk Recreational Marijuana in California

These are the wholesale packages we have available, to see more, go to the bulk deal category page.

Buy Vape Pen Cartridges in California

Buy wholesale vape pen cartridges online, we have multiple brands, wholesale, and retail.

Buy Cannabis Extracts in California

We have many different forms and flavors of marijuana extracts available for sale on bulkweedstore.com. You can buy in bulk or retail, click below to see full deals on concentrates.

Buy Marijuana Prerolls in California

We have many different brands of prerolls available for sale in California, you can order in bulk or retail. See all brands by clicking the button below.


Where Can I Buy Wholesale Marijuana in California?

Yes, you can buy wholesale bulk cannabis in California right here on Bulkweedstore. Alternatively, you can search for a grower online as dispensaries will not give you more than an ounce. You can go to multiple dispensaries and get ounces to make up an lb but that is time-consuming and obviously more costly.

California cannabis growers report a favorable wholesale market with increasing demand despite a lack of retail outlets and continued opposition to legal recreational marijuana from the majority of municipalities and counties in the state.

The positive upward trend of both prices and demand has some businesses maxing out capacity and increasing production.


How Does CareGiving Work in California?

Patients in the registry who require assistance obtaining or using medical cannabis may designate a primary caregiver. A primary caregiver must be at least 18 years old and consistently assume responsibility for the housing, health, or safety of the patient. This may be an individual, or the owner, operator, or employee of an appropriately licensed clinic, facility, hospice, or home health agency.


How to get Marijuana Recreationally in California?

California is truly the world’s kush kingdom. Countless cannabis strains have been crossbred to perfection in California soil, and many of the nation’s top marijuana connoisseurs claim their roots in the Golden State as well. The adult use of marijuana is fully legal, making the dream of going into a shop and buying weed without feeling the stigma of criminalization a reality. So, in a state where you can practically buy marijuana products everywhere.

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