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The quest to buy weed in Colorado has been easy since 2012, with dispensaries like Bulkweedstore being at the forefront of the marijuana advocation and activism. Buy marijuana in Colorado from bulkweedstore.com now and get instant delivery. We are the best legit medical and recreational marijuana dispensary with wholesale and bulk supply of top-shelf cannabis strains.

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How to Buy Cannabis in Colorado

You are lucky enough to be on Bulkweedstore so it will be easy to go from here. Instant delivery, same-day delivery, overnight shipping is available for all locations in CO and beyond. The Colorado Amendment 64, which was passed by voters on November 6, 2012, led to legalization in December 2012 and state-licensed retail sales . The policy has led to cannabis tourism. There are two sets of policies in Colorado relating to cannabis use: those for medicinal cannabis and for recreational drug use along with the third set of rules governing hemp.

Wholesale Weed for sale in Colorado Recreationally

Lemon Tree

Buy Lemon tree Canned Weed brand online for the best prices ever. You can buy wholesale, bulk, retail Lemon Tree Canned weed and get it delivered! bulkweedstore.com is the best online dispensary to rely on for your medical kush need. Brand: Lemon Tree Strains: Lemon Tree THC Percentage: 25% Weight Per Can: 3.5grams, 1/8th


Buy Dankwoods Prerolls Online in Bulk Wholesale and Retail Buy Dankwoods Prerolls online in bulk or retail. We will give

Golden State Banana

Buy Golden State Canned Weed Online. Buyeedforsale.com is the most trustworthy online weed dispensary. Order now! Weight Per  Can: 3.5 grams or an 1/8th Flavors: Citrus, Lemon, Sweet, Tropical. Aromas Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Pungent Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid - 70% Indica / 30% Sativa Lineage: Swiss Erdbeer X Unknown Indica Potency: THC: 25% Effects: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Stress  

Gelato 33 Pound

Buy top-shelf quality gelato # 33 online for a cheap price. We will offer you this gelato phonotype in bulk wholesale or retail. All these will go for interesting rates for pounds. Or gelato 33 weed strain now!   Quantity: a Pound, (an Lb, 454 grams) Flavors: Totally like a Starburst. A sweet, fruit soda-like scent with hints of cannabis spiciness. Type: Balanced Hybrid (50% Sativa, 50% Indica) Lineage: Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC Gelato Phonotype Potency: THC: 22 to 25% CBD 0.5%

Stiiizy Pods

Buy Stiiizy Pods here in wholesale bulk as well as in retail. Both 500 mg and 1000 mg cartridges are available for sale. We only have the real Stiiizy Pods available, no fakes. We have many Stiiizy Pods flavors available. You can specify which flavors you will like to get and in the “additional information” box on the checkout page. Brand Name: Stiiizy Strain available: Indica, Sativa Hybrid, See product description for full strains list. Milligrams: 1000mg and 500 mg THC: ranges from 70% to 90%

3 Full Pounds Mixed Strains

This package is made up of 3 full pounds (lbs) ready to go at a discounted price. The quality is not compromised, all buds are top-shelf indoor organic soil grown. You can specify which strains you need to make up this package in the additional notes box on the check-out page. You can also contact us to specify the strains needed. Strains to choose from are; Purple punch, Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, Gelato, Grandaddy purple, Do si Dos, Jet Fuel, Golden Goat, Sunshine Sherbert, Tahoe OG, Alaskan Thunderfuck, AK 47, Pineapple Express, and God's Gift.   The Best Payment Method for this Deal is Cashapp and Bitcoin Cashapp Click here to know how to pay with cashapp   Bitcoin  Click here to know more on how to get bitcoin. Nonetheless, other Payments like Walmart Gift Cards Can Still be accepted.

Heavy Hitters

Buy real original heavy hitters online on here. We have good bulk and wholesale prices on heavy hitters vape cartridges. Order now and have quick delivery and shipping. We have many Heavy Hitter flavors available. You can specify which flavors you will like to get and in the “additional information” box on the checkout page. Brand Name: Heavy Hitters Strain available: Cherry Pie, Maui Wowie, Blueberry, Diablo OG, Lemonade, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, Malibu OG, Northern Lights, Purple Punch, Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Cough, Heavy Hitters OG, Mimosa, Pineapple Express, Skywalker OG, Strawnana, sunset Sherbet, and Wedding Cake. Milligrams: 1000mg THC ranges from 80% to 90%


Buy Moonrocks Online, also known as marijuana Caviar. Looking for the reliable weed supplier who has moon rocks available for sale? We got exactly what you need. Top shelf quality cannabis caviar for sale at exceptional prices. Order Moon roks online now! Flavors: Earthy, Strawberry, Sweet, Berry, Skunk Made Of: Cannabis Buds, Keif, Hash Oil Extracts Potency: THC: 54%
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Find a CO Weed Supplier

The most difficult step of Buy marijuana in colorado is where to find it. If you are not in contact with Colorado a supplier or a grower, it becomes tricky to get bulk weed delivered as most dispensaries are limited to weed ounces and grams. Enter Bulkweedstore! We have made buying marijuana online in colorado so easy, we have revolutionized the process. We are the most legit recreational marijuana supplier, we deal with wholesale, bulk, retail, and we can deliver to all locations. Instant shipping or overnight delivery.


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We have grouped our products into categories to ease the searching process. Once you see which product you want to purchase, select the quantity needed and then add it to the cart. We have a variety of products available on our shop menu, ranging from top-shelf flower buds, pure marijuana extracts, medical and recreational purposes, THC vape pen cartridges, and many more. Choose the product(s), Add to cart, proceed to checkout and choose a payment method. Click the button below to see more on the rules of dealing.


Instant Delivery

Complete your order by making the payment for the package you chose. We have a couple of payment methods accepted here, you can find them on the checkout page. We have a discreet payment method to keep you discreet, safe, and anonymous. Delivery within Colorado is the same day or overnight. The Delivery is dropped off or Mailed. Anyone 21 and older, is allowed to purchase, smoke, and possess marijuana in Colorado. You can share with a friend of course. Order 420 in colorado with same-day delivery and discreet shipping. We facilitate the process!

Same Day Delivery per City

Buy Marijuana for the Different Cities in Colorado

Whether in need of top-shelf indoor quality weed, Colorado recreational weed, medical cannabis, Colorado vape pen cartridges, Colorado prerolls, or any other cannabis product, be sure that we can supply you with it. That's why we are known as the most reliable Colorado dispensary online. These are some of the cities where we can deliver the same day but we are not limited to the cities below.


Weed delivery in Denver Can be done the same day.

Colorado Springs, CO

Same Day Delivery is available for Colorado Springs, CO

Aurora, CO

Buy Weed in Aurora, CO, delivery is the same day.

Lakewood, CO

In Lakewood, CO, delivery is made within 8 hours.

Fort Collins, CO

Buy pot in Fort Collins, CO, get it delivered on the same day.

Arvada, CO

Weed delivery in Arvada, CO can be done the same day.

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo, CO  enjoy fast same-day weed delivery

Westminster, CO

In Westminster, CO, order Kush and get it the same day.

Boulder, CO

It’s easy to get bulk weed in Boulder, CO within hours.

Thornton, CO

Weed in Thornton CO is delivered fast. Same day.

Longmont, CO

Buy 420 in Longmont, CO get it delivered on the same day.

Greeley, CO

Weed Delivery in Greeley, CO can be done on the same day.

Buy Bulk Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

These are the wholesale packages we have available, to see more, go to the bulk deal category page.

Weed Hash oil vape pen Cartridges for sale CO.

Buy Vape Pen Cartridges in Colorado

Buy wholesale vape pen cartridges in Colorado. High-quality cannabis oil, distillates, terp sauce, infused cartridges.

Legit DIspensary with Weed Concentrates in Colorado.

Buy Cannabis Extracts in Colorado

We have many different forms and flavors of marijuana extracts available for sale on bulkweedstore.com. You can buy in bulk or retail, click below to see full deals on concentrates like wax, shatter, crumble, and more..

Joints, Blunt, and Pre-rolls

Buy Marijuana Prerolls in Colorado

We have original brands of marijuana prerolls, blunts, and joints available for sale in the most legit colorado dispensary.

Colorado Recreational Dispensary with Wholesale Weed

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Marijuana in Colorado

Yes, you can buy wholesale bulk cannabis in colorado right here on bulkweedstore.com,  Bulkweedstore has been acclaimed as one of the most reliable medical, recreational, Weed shops that offer bulk to buyers and other smaller weed shops and dispensaries. Welcome on board!

Alternatively, you can look for a weed supplier or grower or visit a dispensary if you are looking for a smaller weed quantity.

With hundreds of cool, iconic towns stashed throughout the state, Colorado is one of the best states to visit year-round. Mountain gems include Aspen and Breckenridge and growing international cities include Colorado Springs and Denver. Visits in Colorado have brought about Cannabis tourism. Many visitors come to CO for site seeing and recreational weed use.

When in Colorado, always think of bulkweedstore.com as your weed friend.


When Was Cannabis Made Legal in Colorado

In November 2012, Amendment 64 legalized the possession and cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 and older for recreational use. Colorado had already legalized medical cannabis in 2000.

As of May 1st, 2017, the number of Licensed Medical Marijuana Businesses in Colorado includes 520 centers, 776 cultivation centers, 250 infused product manufacturers, and 14 testing facilities.


How Do I Order Marijuana Recreationally in Colorado?

The short answer to this question is bulkweedstore.com

bulkweedstore.com is the best place where you can get bulk easily without visiting a ton of different dispensaries.

The law regarding marijuana in Colorado allows for cities and counties to decide for themselves if they will permit recreational stores. If you are planning your vacation to Colorado, we would recommend supporting the cities and counties that respect your right to marijuana.

Both medical and recreational marijuana stores are open for business. Anyone 21 years of age or older is allowed to buy and possess marijuana in Colorado recreationally or medically. This is your right as defined by the Colorado Constitution, whether or not the city or county allows or bans recreational stores.

Buy Wholesale Cannabis

Where Can I Smoke Marijuana in Colorado Legally

Open or public consumption of marijuana is illegal in Colorado and can result in a $100 citation. Places you cannot consume transportation facilities (trains and bus stations, for example); parks; music, sports, and amusement venues (not that many of those are open). You cannot smoke marijuana — or anything else, for that matter — indoors in any public facility, including restaurants, theaters, or office buildings. Although new state law allows businesses to apply for marijuana consumption areas, only two cities (Denver and Colorado Springs) currently license such venues, with fewer than five between them; there are several private consumption-friendly clubs and event venues, though.

Some hotels and home rentals in Colorado ban smoking of any kind, but not all of them do, so check with your host or the listing agent.

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Conclusion on Buying Marijuana in Colorado

Although it is no easy to find where to buy wholesale weed in colorado, many visitors come to Colorado to visit the dispensaries and consume marijuana recreationally and legally. Colorado is the best state where Marijuana laws are lax, hence, you can buy and consume marijuana without needing any paperwork. Do not forget, Bulkweedstore will like to be your plug anytime you come around to colorado. Click on the button below to see how to purchase weed on bulkweedstore.com when in Colorado.


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We supply and deliver all across colorado on the same day, that is instant. We can also ship across colorado, an overnight shipping option. Top shelf, high-quality buds, cartridges, and extracts are ready for sale. Click below to see how to get started