Frequently asked Questions

Before contacting us, please see if you will find the answers to your questions below.

Why Can I Submit an Order?

The main reason why you cannot submit an order is that you have violated one of our rules. If you feel that you have not, simply contact us and we will see into it. All customers must follow the rules available here.

Why are customers Banned?

Some customers are banned so as to bring order to the buying process. The rules are there to screen out the unserious customers so we can form a safe community of earnest individuals where we will not only buy and sell but help and enlighten each other on the opportunities in the cannabis industry.

How will I know if I am Prohibitted

When you are prohibited, you will not be able to submit an order nor register on the website. If you have registered already, your account will be deleted. If you succeed to submit an order, then you have not been prohibited.

What do I do if I am Banned?

If you are banned, unfortunately, you will have to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, if you have a reason for that, contact us and we will revisit the situation.


What is Bulkweedstore?

bulkweedstore.com is the most reliable marijuana delivery service online. Buyweeforsale.com is the best medicl and recreational bulk weed supplier of 2020. We have a wide variety of product carefully selected and made available for our customers.


Is bulkweedstore.com Reliable?

Yes, Bulkweedstore is the most reliable bud shop online. Here we do straight business, no games, no complications. If we both respect each other’s interests and keep it simple, everything will be fine and we will both enjoy doing business together.


How is Bulkweedstore's Marijuana Buds Quality?

All strains were grown from the best genetics no chemical used, harvested when mature, dried slowly, and properly cured for up to three weeks, we pay more attention to getting the best quality buds, every production stage is done carefully and patiently.


What is the Shipping Sucess Rate?

We have never faced a problem with shipping, most of our customers are out of state so we ship out  often. We have mastered all the packaging secrets and shipping procedures and we can guarantee a 100% safe and successful delivery. Delivery will take from same day to 5 days.


Why Can't I buy with PayPal?

Most marijuana connoisseurs resent Paying with PayPal or Credit Card because they carry a lot of personal information. All transactions with credit cards are completely traceable. The buyer can be traced right to their doorstep. This is the reason why we cannot always accept PayPal or other credit card payments like Venmo, Zelle etc… Most clients prefer staying anonymous and we think it is safer that way for us both.


Why do you Take Gift Cards

Most online stores accept credit card payment for purchases because it is a faster way of making payments online. For the marijuana industry, accepting regular credit card payments can be challenging. This is because Credit Card details are completely traceable. In order to accept credit cards and still stay anonymous, we introduce Gift Cards. Gift Cards are the same as credit cards but they do not carry any information concerning the buyer. This way, the buyer stays anonymous buy yet shopping with a credit card like payment method. Click here to know more on gift cards payments


How Do I Contact You?

If you are in the United States or Canada, Contact us through SMS. If you are located in Europe, you can contact us best through Live Chat, email: info@bulkweedstore.com, Wickr, or Telegram. You can contact us through the information stated on our contact page. Click here to Visit the Contact page 


Must I Contact you Before Placing an order?

No, not necessarily. Except you have additional questions, you can place and complete your order without saying a word. We will fulfill all orders that are paid for.


Why Do you Say Text Only?

This is because calls will prevent other customers trying to reach us from getting a fast and timely response.  With text messages, we are able to chat with a good number of people at the same time without congestion.


Do you Meet and Greet?

We do not accept meet and greet for first-time customers. We can only meet with you if you are being referred. This means you must have a passcode. However, we can meet up with repeating customers with a good history of constant purchase.


What is the Best Payment Method?

The best payment method is Bitcoin but since bitcoin is a little tricky for first time bitcoin users, you can use the other payment methods available on the checkout page to complete your payment. We only accept the payment methods listed on the checkout page.


What is the best payment method for the USA?

Bitcoin and Gift Cards.


Who Gets Prohibited?

You will be prohibited for any of the following reasons. Perpetual time-wasting. Placing an order and failing to make the payment within the stipulated time frame. If you are just playing around. If you show disrespect towards our cause, we will ask you to look elsewhere. If we have reasons to beleive that you are not acting in good faith.


Will I Get into trouble?

No, you will not get into any trouble placing an order with bulkweedstore.com. We have put every measure in place to ensure that the buyers stays anonymous. Shipping and delivery is 100% professional and discreet.


How soon is the Package Shipped After payment?

All packages are shipped the same day as the payment is made.


Must I register before Placing an order?

No, you can order as a guest. Nonetheless, creating an account have a few benefits.


How can I track my Package?

Click here to track any order on bulkweedstore.com


Do you Issue refunds?

Yes, we do issue refunds or replace a missing package, go to our terms of use page to see our refund policies.


Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card or a License to Purchase?

No, you do not necessarily need a medical marijuana card or license to make a purchase. We can donate to anyone who is in need. We are medical marijuana advocates, we have taken upon the task of serving whoever needs their meds but cannot go through the long bureaucracy of obtaining some paperwork. You can purchase recreationally.


Must I include the company name on the checkout page?

No, you must not include a company name if you don’t have one. The company name section is optional so you should not worry about it.

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Easy Rules for Dealing Online with Bulkweedstore

Bulkweedstore have a few easy rules to follow when placing an order. Click below to go to the list of rules for dealing.