How Buying Marijuana Online Works

The process is simple, you place your order, make the payment and we will ship/deliver. Do not place an order for trial purposes or when your mind is not made up. Do not Place an order when you are not ready to complete the payment within 24 hours. Defaulters will be permanently prohibited!

How Placing an Order Works

Follow these simple steps to know more on how to place your order successfully. Never place an order when you are not ready with the payment to avoid being automatically prohibited by the system, All payments must be made within atmost 24 hours.



Make sure your mind is made up before you place an order with us. Not all customers are able to submit an order, some customers are prohibited for transgressing the rules. Follow the rules below when submitting your order or contacting us.



Simple choose any product(s) on the menu, add to carts, and then proceed to checkout. If you get an error message when submitting your order, then you must have banned for violating a rule. See the rules below before ordering.



Simply choose any of the payment methods on the checkout page and follow through. We only accept the payment methods listed on the checkout page. If you get any error message when submitting your order, do not border to pay, you have been banned, unfortunately. See rules below.


Delivery and Shipping

Delivery duration ranges from same-day to 5 days shipping. This will depend on the delivery location and shipping mode requested. Discreet underground delivery is available for all locations. Our package will reach you even at the furthest corner of the globe.
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Same Day Delivery

You can receive your order the same day if you are located in California, Colorado, Seattle, Washington DC, and Toronto. For an order to be delivered the same day, customers must complete the order before 2 PM Local time.

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24 to 48 Hours Delivery

We can deliver within all states, packages from Bulkweedstore can reach you wherever you are. Shipment to all provinces in Canada is also available within 24 to 72 hours.

How it works on Bulkweedstore

3 to 5 days Delivery

3 to 5 days of shipping will apply to customers’ ordering from Australia, Puerto Rico, South America, the UK, Europe, and Asia. All shipping is done within 3 to 5 days.

Easy Rules to Follow

Easy Rules to Follow for a Successful Deal

We take the rules below seriously, and that's the only thing that ensures safety for the customers and ourselves. Unfortunately, we will refuse to deal with everyone who has gone against the rules below.
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What we will do

  • Cannabis Online
    We promise to be helpful to everyone who contacts us in need of our products and services.
  • Cannabis Online
    We can ship to all locations worldwide.
  • Cannabis Online
    We assure all customers that as long as you place an order successfully, we will make sure that your package is delivered no matter your location.
  • Cannabis Online
    You do NOT necessarily need a Marijuana Card or any Paperwork to purchase. We will be as discreet as you require us to be. Effective packaging is our best strength.
  • Cannabis Online
    You can place an order without contacting us, that's fine. You can order anonymously, just the delivery address will do.
  • Cannabis Online
    All orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame.
  • Cannabis Online
    All our products are of the best quality.
  • Cannabis Online
    We will send you exactly what you ordered for, no modification on your order.
  • Cannabis Online
    We promise an overall best experience on
Must follow rules
How to order successfully

Simple Rules to Follow

If you get an error message when trying to submit an order, then you have been banned, you will have to look elsewhere.
  • Cannabis Online
    Do not submit an order when you are not ready with payment in hand. Just wait until you are ready.
  • Cannabis Online
    The purchase amount might be limited for a particular customer in times of shortage.
  • Cannabis Online
    We will only Meet up or give Consignments to customers who have made at least two purchases with us before.
  • Cannabis Online
    The ordering process is simple, you place your order, make the payment and we deliver. You are either ready or you are not.
  • Cannabis Online
    No disrespect nor use of racial remarks, no name-calling, mature business-oriented customers only.
  • Cannabis Online
    No games, no kidding around.
  • Cannabis Online
    All orders are handled on the website and all payments are made upfront. Absolutely no cash on for first-time buyers
  • Cannabis Online
    We will only consider Cash on Delivery for returning customers with a good purchase history.
  • Cannabis Online
    We will not engage in a discussion that is not related to our products or services.
  • Cannabis Online
    No, time-wasting, no moving in circles, be straight to the point, do not contact us, asking questions with obvious answers, "Can you deliver?"
How it works on Bulkweedstore
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